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  • Easy-to-use, Integrated ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Capabilities

    • Cross-highlight between ECAD and MCAD designs
    • Propose, accept or reject changes
    • Quickly identify and verify incremental changes
    • Easily add comments on change proposals and responses
    • Capture the history of changes for future reference
    • Leverage the capabilities in Pro/ENGINEER, InterComm Expert, ProductView ECAD Compare, ect
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  • InterComm Expert Capabilities

    • Browse information in the PCB schematic, layout, manufacturing, or bill-of-materials ECAD databases
    • Browse intelligent ECAD design data and verify design intent
    • Query, measure, highlight, and isolate detailed net and component data
    • Communicate changes, ideas, or redline markups back to other users, using the bookmarked views of your markups
    • Cross-highlight between the schematic, layout and bill-of-materials
    • Read-in manufacturing formats (e.g., Gerber) as overlays to the PCB data
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  • ProductView ECAD Compare Capabilities

    • Analyzes and reports object and image differences:
    • Component (package, device, location, pins, properties)
    • Net (pins, length, width, vias, test points, properties)
    • Pin (padstack, location, properties)
    • Via (padstack, location, test point, properties)
    • Image (per layer and sublayer)
    • Creates XML difference reports that can be shared with multiple users
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- Creo ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Extension -
Accelerate Design Collaboration

Delivering innovative electromechanical designs is challenging for even the most experienced teams. Communicating design changes between disparate electrical and mechanical design solutions can be cumbersome and inefficient. Coordinating design efforts between functionally or geographically dispersed teams adds even more complexity to the challenge. The PTC Creo ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Extension can help you overcome these obstacles and improve design collaboration between electrical and mechanical designers. PTC is the only MCAD vendor offering this new technology, which leverages both PTC Creo and PTC Creo View. This technology will help you improve your electromechanical detailed design processes, reduce collaboration errors, and get products to market faster.

PTC Creo ECX is compatible with Cadence Allegro PCB Design, Mentor Board Station XE, Mentor Expedition and Mentor Pads.

In today’s competitive Electronics and High Tech market, ECAD and MCAD teams must work together seamlessly in order to get winning products to market faster. Traditional collaboration methods are no longer suitable. When design changes impact both ECAD and MCAD designs, more efficient tools are required to improve communication of design changes and proposals within each discipline’s established comfort zone. The Pro/ENGINEER ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Extension (ECX) gives you the industry’s most advanced capabilities to help you optimize your electromechanical detailed design process.

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Key Benefits

  • Streamlines electromechanical design collaboration processes, reducing time-to-market and decreasing cost
  • Gives mechanical engineers better insight into the potential impact of changes on electrical designs--before the changes are proposed
  • Enables mechanical and electrical engineers to communicate more frequently, with less disruption
  • Provides a consistent way to communicate changes across disciplines
  • Enables you to identify, resolve and manage unanticipated consequences of a design change, faster
  • Improves design quality; seamless integration reduces errors and improves data integrity
  • Enhances traceability of the design IP, for knowledge capture and design reuse

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